Top 5 meads for a summer BBQ!

By The Mead Boutique - The place to buy mead online.

Mead might not be what you think of when you reach for a bottle on a warm summers day next to the BBQ. However most people have never tried (or heard of) sparkling meads. Ditch the sweet flavoured fruit ciders and grab a clean crisp and refreshing sparkling mead!

5. Mead District Sparkling Hopped Mead

Mead District Sparkling Hopped is a great light summer mead, perfectly crisp for those who would normally choose a dry cider or light beer. Made with 100% local honey from the peak district and infused using cascade and citra hops which gives it a dry light finish. We recommend chilled from the fridge.

4. Wye Valley Honey & Rhubarb Mead

Wye Valley Honey & Rhubarb is made by a brother duo in the Wye Valley, south wales. Ditch the strawberry and lime cider for a 100% natural mead, made using Rhubarb Juice, natural honey and a bit of time. Drink chilled on ice this is the perfect hot weather mead and again, 100% Natural!

3. Marourde Elderflower & Elderberry Mead

Marourde Elderflower & Elderberry is a top pink mead! Infused with a homemade elderflower & Elderberry tea all sourced from local trees in Kent. Marourde is one to watch, drink it on ice or chilled from the fridge .

2. Gosnells Hopped Mead


Gosnells Hopped is a great beer alternative. Made with Spanish blossom honey and infused with a blend of 3 types of hops to give it a dry finish. Drink chilled, no ice in a pint or wine glass for a great summer spritz.

1. Marourde Manuka Flower & Oak Mead

Marourde Manuka Flower & Oak takes our top spot here! A honey mead base is made then infused with manuka flower & oak tea to give the most refreshing mead we have! All added ingredients are from family farms, who have over 200 years in the biz! A great addition to any sunny summer day.

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