Top 5 meads to try if you’ve never tried mead!

Top 5 meads to try if you’ve never tried mead!

By The Mead Boutique - The place to buy mead online.

Maybe you want to try mead or have a friend you want to convince to try mead, we have you covered. We’ve chosen 5 drinks you might like and paired a mead to it. These aren’t replacements, so don’t expect for them to be identical but keep an open mind and you’ll be sure to enjoy something new.

If you like beer - Boozy Bees Sparkling

Try a Boozy Bees Mead if you’re normally a beer drinker, plenty of body and almost a pale ale like finish to it. The body comes from Buckwheat honey which is a very unique honey to use!

If you like classic fruit cider -  Marourde Elderflower & Elderberry

Try a Marourde Elderflower & Elderberry mead is a top pink mead! Any Strawberry and Lime cider fan is sure to enjoy this. Made with real elder flowers and berries defiantly nothing like those artificial knocks offs!

If you like white wine - Shire Meadery

When white wine is your thing you need to try a mead from the doctor of the mead world. Dr Benjamin Guscott from Shire Meadery mades wines he describes as light honeyed wines. Light and dry with a loved honey undertone.


If you like classic cider - Gosnells Citra Sea

Cider fans need to try Gosnells mead, especially their Citra Sea mead. Made with botanicals this mead has a slight saltiness which makes for a quaffable mead. Soon to be coming in fridge friendly cans as well!


If you like sweet wine - Afon Mel Heather Mead

Finally we have the sweet stuff, a good place for anyone to start their mead journey. A great place to start is Afon Mel Heather Mead. Welsh based mead makers infusing with heather to give you one of the best flavoured meads on the market!

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