Mead Styles

Mead dates back thousands of year, this means there has been plenty of time for people to mess around with it. 
We've pulled together a selection of styles which can be found and collated a list of them all here for you.


Meads that incorporate maple syrup, this can be partly in the ferment or via back sweetening.

Apothecary Nevermore


A type of mead created with a malted grain, the most similar to Ale or Beer you can get in the mead world.


A mead made with caramelised or burned honey which can create flavours such as toffee, chocolate, and vanilla.

Apothecary Black Phillip


Meads that are flavoured with chilli.

Lyme Bay Chilli


Similar to cider, a mead that has apples or apple juice using in the production


A pyment mead to which spices have been added.


A mead that is watered down to reduce alcohol content after fermentation, this is a common practise in most commercial meaderies.

Apothecary Original
Welsh Heather
Welsh Honey
Welsh Honey Medium
Northumberland Honey Co Flora

Light Mead

Similar to a Hydromel but with no added water after fermentation

Shire Light Mead


Meads made with fruit added.

Lyme Bay Rhubarb
Lyme Bay Black Cherry
Lyme Bay Garden
Lyme Bay Tournament
Apothecary The Morrigan
Welsh Apricot
Welsh Blackberry
Welsh Ginger
Welsh Raspberry


Meads that are made with spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon. but can also be botanicals such as junipur and bay.

The English Heritage Heritage Mead
The Modern Mead Co Original English Mead
Apothecary Summerisle


A melomel that is created with mulberries.


A mead that is created with the juice of unripened grapes, usually considered a variation of pyment.


Mead that has been created with wine vinegar.


Can be used to refer to a mead in the UK. but is made with grape or grape juice, or is a grape wine that has honey added. More commonly known as "Honey Wine"


Ancient Roman word for a mead brewed with rose petals

Sack Mead

A mead with high density, often very sweet. High honey content.

Lyme Bay Traditional / Flagon

Sparkling Mead

A mead that is carbonated, similar to a sparkling wine. The secondary ferment created by adding a small amount of honey or sugar before bottling helps elevate pressure and sweetness however this can now also be done using Co2.

Gosnells of London
Boozy Bees
Honey Spirits Co
Northumberland Honey Co Wildflower
Northumberland Honey Co Rose
Marourde Manuka Flower & Oak
Marourde Hemp & Hop
Marourde Elderberry & Elderflower