Atlantic Dry Mead (12%, 70cl)

Atlantic Dry Mead (12%, 70cl)

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Atlantic Dry Mead is a delicious traditional style mead made from raw orange blossom honey carefully sourced from Southern Spain. The honey is mixed with our local water and yeast and fermented off dry.

Tasting Notes: A lovely citrus, floral aroma and long lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. An attractive, soft, honeyed taste which is very enjoyable and certainly different and definitely intriguing. 12% ABV.

Serve: Enjoy chilled, over ice or serve half and half with a lightly flavoured tonic and an orange garnish.

Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites.

Honey Base: R
aw Orange Blossom Honey 
Honey Percentage: 100%
Style: Hydromel
Flavourings: None

ABV: 12%
Size: 70cl