Rose Sparkling Mead (12%, 75cl)

Rose Sparkling Mead (12%, 75cl)

Northumberland Honey Co
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The first of a kind, Rosé Sparkling Mead is created using the finest wildflower honey produced by Northumberland Honey Co and hibiscus flowers to a special formula developed over many years.
A wonderful light rosé colour gives intrigue reminiscent of a Northumberland sunset, leading to a fruity, fresh mouth feel and a smooth honey finish.

A rosé sparkling not to be missed! Limited in production and always sought after.

With a total production time of 18 months from bees to bottle, you are buying into a well cared for and expertly handled bottle of Sparkling Mead.

Honey Base: Northumberland Wildflower Honey
Honey Percentage: 100%
Style: Sparkling
Flavourings: Hibiscus
ABV: 12%
Size: 75cl