Wild Red Mead (12%, 70cl)

Wild Red Mead (12%, 70cl)

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This is a gorgeous melomel style mead made from Spanish honey, zesty Wexford blackcurrants balanced with dark, sweet cherries and tempered over the hint of honey to create an amazingly enticing drink with a beautiful, rich colour.

Tasting Notes: A very clear, clean red fruit aroma with a blackcurrant and cherry tones and a very smooth long finish.

Serve: Delicious at room temperature or poured over ice with a thin slice of orange.

Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites.

Honey Base: Raw Orange Blossom Honey 
Honey Percentage: 100%
Style: Melomel
Flavourings: B
lackcurrants and cherries
ABV: 12%
Size: 70cl